What are Bongs

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A Bong is a device used for smoking various herbs and other substances. Marijuana is most commonly associated with Bongs, but many tobacco herb smokers use Bongs also.

 What When & Where

Bongs were invented in the middle east during the rise of the Hookah era several decades ago.  These days since local and state laws have been decriminalizing marijuana there has been a massive desire for more bongs.

When using a bong you get a deeper inhale of smoke, which leads to more nucleus membrane form herbs to your lungs. This leads to using less herbs while getting higher.

What Material 

Avoid bongs with lead properties! A bong is most popularly made out of glass, but bongs can be made out of any material that can hold and conceal air and water. Bongs made out Glass are sometimes more expensive, but last long thus are considered long term purchases. Plastic bongs ( Recyclers ) are mostly for short term due to their build up. There are sometimes problems with the stem and seal after multiple uses. 

What are Bongs

Where Can you get a Bong 

Bongs are usually available at your local smoke shop along with papers and other products. You can also get them online at Trimeck.com

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